When Fate Steps In – Chapter Three

“Warm, soft, silky smooth,  feels like heaven,” Edward thought. He was having the best dream. He was wrapped around a stunning, dark-haired beauty after they had finished making sweet love all night long. The woman’s warm, loving embrace erased all the hurt that Victoria and James had inflicted. Nuzzling into the sweet, aromatic neck, he... Continue Reading →


When Fate Steps In – Chapter Two

“What the hell was I thinking?” Edward grumbled as he drove down what he hoped was the road that led to the cabin. He had both hands gripping on the wheel, leaning forward to try to see even a few more inches in front of him through the blinding snow. The strong wind was rocking... Continue Reading →

When Fate Steps In ~ Chapter One

When Fate Steps In   Fate decides that two lost souls need a little boost in finding their soulmates. After Bella confronts Jacob about his infidelity and evil plans to sell the companies, she chooses to spend her already paid Christmas honeymoon alone. She arrives at the cabin in the woods just as a horrible... Continue Reading →

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