Defiance Chapter 23 – Deleting the Past, Planning the Future

Edward led the way to the basement, preparing himself for the task at hand.  As much as he wanted to just to walk in the room and put a bullet between Carlisle’s eyes so he could get back to Bella so they could start living their lives together, he couldn’t. However, to get to that... Continue Reading →


Defiance Chapter 22 Blood Payment

Edward’s loyal men were prepared to start their siege on Carlisle’s estate.  They were waiting for the final go-ahead from their inside man that he was close to Bella and could protect her during their advancement.  Edward had called JB, but he didn’t answer, which was extremely weird. “Boss, we have movement on the west... Continue Reading →

Blood is Not Always Thicker

Charlie couldn't believe the man before him was the same young man that he considered his own flesh and blood.  When he thought Tony had died in the house fire, it affected him profoundly.   He never let Bella see how much he grieved over the loss of Tony.  He had spent hour after hour in... Continue Reading →

Chapter 18 – Melting Ice Cream

  Carlisle was pacing his office.  He had a funny feeling that something was up with Edward.  There was something about the conversation about Isabella that didn’t seem right.  Everyone he talked to said that she was terrific in bed, so why was Edward saying she was horrible? “Hey, Boss, you wanted to see me?” ... Continue Reading →

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